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Funding Source

Optima Wireless undertakes necessary business planning covering concerns from initial investment, feasibility through to exit opportunity and potential valuation. A project’s viability is evaluated based on growth opportunities and sustainable competitive advantages together with market and competitor analysis help to shape the long term strategy for ground operations, execution and exit.

Optima Investments BV is a partner in providing seed financing for projects in which Optima Wireless is involved or potentially as a standalone investment. Recent projects for which Optima Wireless has raised capital include Melita Mobile Limited, Islandcom Telecommunications Limited and Globalnet Payment Solutions AG.

Melita Mobile Limited – Optima Wireless raised debt funding in 2008 with the support of EKN the Swedish Export Credit Guarantee Board, for the capital expenditures related to the building of the Melita’s mobile network in Malta. The total project financing is expected to be over €40 million over two years.

Islandcom Telecommunications Limited – Optima Wireless completed four rounds of funding for the Turks and Caicos Islands CDMA/GSM operator over the 2006 to 2007 period including seed funding from Optima Investments BV, two equity rounds and debt financing from the main network supplier on favourable terms. The main investor was a subsidiary of the Royal Group of Companies, a large Asian conglomerate.

Globalnet Payment Solutions BV – Optima Wireless successfully organised the seed funding for GNPS in 2005 with the strategic partners in addition to providing the Managing Director for the operating company. GNPS was folded into the Synuzie AS, the operating subsidiary.